Shara Plumeria Plant

Capture the feeling of an unforgettable tropical vacation with nature’s most exotic and enchanting plants. These plumerias will help your sims relive a memory of distant shores and are guaranteed to bring a touch of Sulani sun into any home.

Shara Mango Plant

I had these stunning mango leaves and I thought… I should make a plant to complete the tropical atmosphere I was going for with the past few plants.

Idris Banana and Aster Plant

The Banana comes in 4 colors, the Aster in 5. The basket has 10 color options, the pot has 40. The Aster has indoor and outdoor options. 
You can choose if you want the plants in a pot or without. 

Shara Kentia Palm

Create a relaxing, tropical atmosphere in your sim’s home with this Kentia palm that makes an outstanding focal point in interior landscapes.
It has 3 versions, so you can choose the right size for the room you’re decorating. It comes in a wicker basket, but if that’s not your style, you can choose a different pot.
I hope this Kentia will be welcome addition to your plant collection.