Kaya Living Room - Part 2

This living room is pure hangout heaven! Your sims can pick from a selection of comfy seating options: sink into the spacious embrace of a sofa, snuggle up with a loved one on a loveseat, or indulge in personal comfort with a plush living chair. Set against a wood TV stand featuring a sleek television is a chic side table adorned with a candle, while throw pillows and blankets add layers of coziness and a touch of ambiance.

Kaya Living Room - Part 1

Welcome to this modern living space where the L-shaped sofa invites your sims to unwind in style, complemented by a marble coffee table, perfect for resting a favorite read or a steaming cup of coffee.
Wood bookcases display your sims’ treasures, illuminated by a chic floor lamp, while an abstract sculpture adds a touch of artistic flair and personality.

Kaya Dining Room

This contemporary dining room resembles a modern hangout zone, perfect for grabbing a bite with friends or simply chilling with a good book.
A sleek wooden table dominates the scene, accompanied by comfortable chairs upholstered in neutral tones. Overhead, a trio of pendant lights bathe the space in a warm glow.
A woven rug with a subtle geometric pattern ties the space together, while a brushed metal bowl overflowing with lemons and oranges adds a burst of citrusy sunshine and conversation-starting pops of color.

Yara Bathroom

In this contemporary bathroom, sleek simplicity takes center stage, featuring a minimalist bathtub with clean lines and a rain shower, positioned strategically for a spa-like experience.
The asymmetrical mirror adds a touch of artistic flair, reflecting both functionality and style. A warm and inviting atmosphere is achieved through a wood vanity, enhancing the space with natural textures, while elegant sconces provide soft, ambient lighting to create a calming retreat.

Dusk Bedroom

The calming and fresh appearance of the Dusk bedroom combines neutral, earthy colors with soft greens to set the stage for the rejuvenation needed to face the next day.
The low-profile platform bed lends a serene ambiance, while the throw blankets and pillows add dimension, personality, and depth to the space.
The comfortable shape of the chair encourages relaxation and unwinding. Place the hourglass table next to it to create a conversation area.
Complete the look with a few carefully chosen accents, such as sculptural lamps and whimsical wall art.

Jade Patio

Embrace the allure of outdoor living with this modern patio ensemble that features a harmonious trio of a sofa, loveseat, and chair, all centered around a sleek coffee table, forming an inviting space for relaxation and conversation.
A chic patio umbrella elegantly shields the space from the sun, while lanterns scatter a warm, ambient glow. Complementing the scene, a knot sculpture, a cozy throw pillow, and a tasteful rug intertwine to create a space that exudes comfort and curated charm.