Laini Dining Area

Set up a stunning dining area your sims can enjoy no matter how tight the limitations on living space.
Keep it simple. The uncomplicated silhouette of a pedestal dining table keeps a small layout looking clean and uncluttered while the metallic frame of the chairs adds some bold contrast.
Liven up the dining area with a large plant, an art piece and a pendant light that serves as a visual anchor.

Set includes:
Dining Chair | Dining Table | Pendant Light | Poster | Banana Plant Right Corner | Banana Plant Left Corner | Basket

Aiel Living Room

Give your sim’s interior a contemporary edge with a welcoming sofa that sprawls through the center of the airy, open-concept living space.
Whether you’re looking for a sofa, a loveseat, or some comfortable chairs, these stylish pieces bring in rich colors and low-profile cozy clean lines. The coffee table and the sideboard feature a fashionable geometric design that is nicely balanced by the airy silhouette, while the wood-toned elements add natural texture.
The chaotic constellation of the pendant light is sure to make a statement and the modern floor lamp serves the reading area when natural light from the windows isn’t enough.

Daya Daffodils

A classic flower with tremendous charm! Daffodils make ideal cut flowers if you like a simple look, they are beautiful by themselves in a small bouquet.
Add them to your sim’s garden for extra vibrancy!

You’ll get 2 plants, both come in 7 colors. The vase has 18 swatches.
Low poly, optimized for low-end computers. Base game compatible.
You can choose if you want the plants in a vase or without.

Enjoy the game!

Daya Air Plant

Whether you’re decorating a room or you’re making a fun plant arrangement, these air plants are going to make an impact on anyone who sees them.
The wall display adds a touch of whimsical charm and opens up new creative possibilities in the decoration and design of your sim’s home.

You’ll get 3 plants, 3 wall displays and a wire display.
The plants come in 7 colors. The wall displays have 18 swatches. The wire display has 9 metallic shades.
Low poly, optimized for low-end computers. Base game compatible.
You can choose if you want the plants in a wire display or without.

Happy Simming!

Jonna Bathroom

The bathroom environment is an expression of your sim’s lifestyle, a place for relaxation and self-fulfillment. Add a touch of splendor to this retreat, turning it into a stylish feel-good oasis with a timeless bathtub, high-pressure shower, a sleek sink, and an elegant toilet. The personal decorative elements create a unique ambiance that is tailored to your sim’s taste.

Happy Simming!

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