Hilo Living Room

Compelling in its simple yet cutting-edge style, the Hilo living room is made for relaxing and bringing the family closer together.
The clean lines and textural richness of the marble fireplace create a focal point and provide a cozy yet sleek look.
Discover the perfect sofa, loveseat, or chair that calls out for your sims to recline in maximum comfort.
The marble coffee table with a handsome dark base adds to the luxurious vibe of the piece, while the slim pedestal table combines design with harmonious proportions to create a table with a sculptural outline that fits perfectly in small spaces.
With its effortlessly curved form, the knot chandler stands its ground simply as a sculptural object, creating a beautiful atmosphere and ambient illumination.

Jacks Bathroom

As one of our sims’ most frequently used areas, the bathroom should feel inviting, comforting, and stress-free. Achieve a peaceful aesthetic with a bathtub that looks as good as it feels, a sleek shower, a modern toilet, an elegant sink, and complementary bathroom decor to bring the whole look together.
Moments of marble instill luxurious patterns and depth, counteracted by the natural beauty of the floating wood vanity. Add a hint of drama with pendant lights for maximum style impact and the perfect light to relax to.

Game-ready low poly, optimized for low-end computers. Base game compatible.

Liza Dining Room

Set the tone for all the little moments around the dining table with this collection that fronts graceful curves and natural materials providing a modern foundation for dining rooms and eat-in kitchens alike.

The table’s sculptural figure and fluted detailing make for a trendy yet steadfast presence. The upholstered chair features a simple, understated look that effortlessly blends with any aesthetic. The open frame of the pendant lamp allows the warm light to spread throughout the room, while the candle brings true mood lighting to your sim’s space.

Game-ready low poly, optimized for low-end computers. Base game compatible.