Soho Office Supplies

Enhance your sim’s cooking skills with small appliances that style up the countertop.

Ocean Toys

Cute and colorful toys! Sea-dwelling decor creatures, toys, nesting blocks and a toy box for sims kids and toddlers.

Sonic Bathroom Supplies

Complete the look of your sim’s bathroom and create a sense of comfort with these sleek and stylish accessories.

Sonic Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories make everything in your sim’s wardrobe look better. Enjoy this selection of necklaces, earrings, hats, sunglasses, handbags, wallets, sandals and lipsticks. Find accessories for everyone on your sim’s gift list!


Feed the imagination of your sims with this colorful vegetable set


These fruits don’t require any care, they just do their job of decorating.

Halloween Props

Turn your sim’s yard into a hounded cemetery with these Halloween props.
You’ll either keep everyone away out of fear, or you’ll attract all those curious sims; either way, this will make your sim’s house the talk of the neighborhood!