Lush Bromeliad Plant

A fabulous tropical accent for your sim’s home that is sizeable enough to liven up any space yet compact enough to fit any room.

Lush Scandinavian Vases

Upgrade the appearance of any room with these minimalist Scandinavian vases that are the perfect centerpiece for your sim’s table. Create your own arrangements by combining different shapes, colors or sizes.

Lush Umbrella Palm

This popular accent plant with its long strap like leaves at the top of the stems forming the characteristic umbrella will be a nice addition to any water garden or patio container.

Lush Aeonium Lily Pad

A succulent plant with rosettes of fleshy green leaves, this Lily Pad will look nothing short of fabulous in a cute little pot on the coffee table.

Lush Ficus Plant

This Ficus plant with its bold broad leaves will look great standing next to a fireplace or near door entrances.

Lush Lava Plant

Add color and life to your sim’s room with this houseplant that will match any aesthetic or design scheme.

Lush Jelly Bean Sedum

This cute succulent with chubby leaves shaped like jelly beans will make a wonderful accent in potted arrangements.

Lush Maple Sapling

Bring color to your sims’ landscape with this brilliant deep scarlet maple sapling that will add a luxurious feel to any yard or garden area.

Lush Nolina Plant

This curious looking Nolina plant makes for quite a visual statement with its thick bulb-like trunk and quirky, curly leaves that grow from the top like a ponytail.

Lush Aglaonema Plant

This decorative Aglaonema with its colorful varieties will be one of the most appealing houseplants your sim can proudly display.