Laini Dining Area

Set up a stunning dining area your sims can enjoy no matter how tight the limitations on living space.
Keep it simple. The uncomplicated silhouette of a pedestal dining table keeps a small layout looking clean and uncluttered while the metallic frame of the chairs adds some bold contrast.
Liven up the dining area with a large plant, an art piece and a pendant light that serves as a visual anchor.

Lyne Tall Curtains

Create a luxurious atmosphere in your sim’s home with these floor-to-ceiling sheers, curtains and blinds. Drape multiple panels to add depth or hang them alone to make a stunning design statement.

Lyne Medium Curtains

Whether you’re looking for something decorative or a simple way to maintain your sim’s privacy without losing light, these sheers, curtains and blinds will help you achieve the perfect look.

Lyne Short Curtains

Control the amount of privacy your sims want, while you enhancing their view with these sheers, curtains and blinds.