Poppy Patio

Whether you’re after the quintessential alfresco experience or looking for the best way to introduce your Sim’s garden, do so with this timeless set that will provide you with an ideal way to set the best possible impression.

Rena Office

An inviting and efficient office, that exudes a clean, modern, and sophisticated ambiance, combining functional workspace elements with stylish decor.

Kaya Living Room – Part 2

This living room is pure hangout heaven! Your sims can pick from a selection of comfy seating options: sink into the spacious embrace of a sofa, snuggle up with a loved one on a loveseat, or indulge in personal comfort with a plush living chair.

Kaya Living Room – Part 1

Welcome to this modern living space where the L-shaped sofa invites your sims to unwind in style, complemented by a marble coffee table, perfect for resting a favorite read or a steaming cup of coffee.

Kaya Dining Room

This contemporary dining room resembles a modern hangout zone, perfect for grabbing a bite with friends or simply chilling with a good book.

Christmas 2023

Elevate your sim’s table with a pine branch, rustic decor, deer figurine, tiered trees, a shimmering star, and a styled wax warmer for a festive charm.

Yara Bathroom

In this contemporary bathroom, sleek simplicity takes center stage, featuring a minimalist bathtub with clean lines and a rain shower, positioned strategically for a spa-like experience.

Kira Cereus Cactus

Cereus Peruvianus, commonly known as the Peruvian Apple Cactus or Queen of the Night, is native to South America, particularly in the Andes region. It is well adapted to arid and semi-arid environments and can be found growing in a range of habitats, from rocky slopes to dry forests in its native range.

Kira Cosmos Flowers

This arrangement marries the organic grace of cosmos flowers with the modern, sculptural aesthetics of the geometric vase.

Rain Bedroom

A contemporary bedroom that showcases clean lines, minimalist design, and a muted color palette for a sleek and tranquil ambiance.