Aura Toddler Decor

A timeless children's theme that immerses sim toddlers in a savanna safari and lets their imagination run wild as they fall asleep with giraffes, monkeys and tribal decor elements.
The main set is available at TSR and if you want a different color scheme you can get recolors here.  Pink, Blue, Green or Orange, hope you find something you like. Happy Simming and enjoy decorating!

Throw Blanket: giraffe, leopard, zebra, pink, blue
Lion Pillow: brown, beige, red, blue, green, purple
Tiger Pillow: orange, beige, pink, blue, green, purple
Monkey: brown, coral, pink, blue, green, purple
Books V1: green, coral, blue
Books v2: green, coral, blue
Nightlight: orange, pink, blue, yellow, green
Tribal Chair: brown, orange, pink, blue
Tribal Vase: brown, beige, pink, blue
Growth Chart Sticker: yellow, coral, blue