Aura Nursery

Make your little one's nursery a welcoming space with this fusion of design elements inspired by a savanna safari. The crib features bold lines and solid construction, decorated with a colorful canopy and a mobile. This fun addition will make the baby giggle in delight during the day and becomes a lovely guardian at night. The dresser comes with a changing topper and six spacious drawers for lots of storage room. Complementing the crib and the dresser, a cozy and comfortable chair combo, ideal for nursing or simply relaxing.
The main set is available at TSR and if you want a different color scheme you can get recolors here.  Pink, Blue, Green or Orange, hope you find something you like. Happy Simming and enjoy decorating!

Crib (Decor): green, orange, pink, blue
Crib Bumper: giraffe, leopard, zebra, pink, blue
Baby Blanket: giraffe - green, leopard - orange, zebra - white, pink, blue
Crib Canopy: green, orange, pink, blue
Baby Mobile: yellow, orange, pink, blue
Zebra Pillow: black and white, orange, pink, blue, green, purple
Nursing Chair: green, beige, pink, blue
Leg Rest: green, beige, pink, blue
Throw Blanket: giraffe, leopard, zebra, pink, blue
Dresser: green, orange, pink, blue
Changing Pad: green, orange, pink, blue

Elephant: gray - red, beige - green, pink - yellow, blue - purple, green - orange
Accent Wall: yellow, beige, pink, blue, gray, silver