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Pacific Heights Teen Room
Terra Patio
Soho Kitchen
From modern to contemporary and minimalist, I welcome you to indulge your love of design. Weather your sim prefers a laid-back vibe or eclectic urban luxury is their style, you'll find a wide range of contemporary objects with a pleasingly practical feel.
Discover ideas and reinvent spaces, fuse your sims home with a slight bias toward clean lines.

Rover Office Decor
Keep your sims happy by stocking their desk with all they need, including pens, ring binders or lamps. Decorate their office with plants, books, picture frames and posters.

Rover Office
A modern office that could be used for business dealings, creative thoughts, reflection or bits of gossip around a cup of coffee. Mahogany-lined or monochromatic, with large windows, sectional desk and a comfortable chair, create the perfect space for sim leaders to rule their realm.

Amber Bedroom
A rustic contemporary bedroom with an emphasis on natural, unrefined elements. Warm and inviting colors with a comfortable bed and a reading nook that is flooded with natural light.

Amber Bedroom Decor
Conjure your sim's personal oasis with warm hues and subtle details. These rustic decor elements create a calming space, while warm tones keep the bedroom glam yet cozy.

Amber Living Room
A contemporary living room with a sectional sofa and a mix of patterns inspired by nature. The natural materials of the coffee table, TV stand and shelves bring the outdoors into the scheme, while the glass and metals introduce a modern feel.

Amber Decor
For November, I was planning to upload a living room. It was so beautiful out there when I started working on it; I got inspired by the colorful fall foliage and I wanted to incorporate those rich colors into my set. I added object after object, trying to get it just right... you know how it goes.
At one moment I noticed I had over 25 objects and I was supposed to keep it simple. I thought I should separate the decor part from the functional objects, so I make two sets.
The decor recolors got a "little" out of control. I wanted gold and green, a dear friend of mine asked for white and blue, I had a request for red, but I couldn't leave out the ever so popular black and white. I must admit it made me giggle when I saw all the color variations together, my test lot looked like a rainbow threw up all over it.
I'm bringing you the decor for now and I'll put together the living room in a few days.
Happy Simming!

Xero Plants
I made these plants for myself; I wasn't planning to share them, so I didn't watch the poly count. If you download them, you should know it's not TSR standards. That being said, if your game can handle custom hair, my plants shouldn't cause any kind of problems. But if you're experiencing lag, please get rid of them.
You'll get two plants and two pots. All of them have 4 variations and you can mix and match them. I just love combining an orange and red plant for an autumn effect or a green and yellow for a realistic look.
Thank you for the interest you guys showed. I got so many wonderful messages asking for the plants, so here I am sharing them. Enjoy decorating!

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